Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring

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Handmade adjustable stoned ring

Unique piece (in case this item is sold you can order a similar one made specially for you)

Material: Sterling Silver

Width: 1,2 cm

Height: 0,8 cm

Stone & Findings: Black Star Sapphire

                           "Eloquence, Soothing, Life"

Black Star Sapphire is a stone that offers protection, as well as centering and grounding capabilities. It will also give you the confidence to trust your own intuition.
When you’re employed, trying to look for a job, or trying to keep a job, the energies of this stone will support you in achieving it, and even improve your current job situation.
Black Star Sapphire is a wisdom stone. It will calm your thoughts and eliminate your mental tensions, allowing for a greater and sharper focus.This will bring serenity and peace of mind. All signs of depression or spiritual confusion will also be neutralized or alleviated.You will receive more material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual blessings, and it will promote wealth and richness in all aspects.
Black Star Sapphire is a very receptive stone. It’s very feminine in nature and can be used for calming, relaxing, and soothing.
It can also be used to have more love, compassion, wisdom, and abundance in your life. It’s a very potent stone that will promote friendship, lucid dreams, restful sleep, and even fertility.



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