Rose Extravagance
Rose Extravagance

Rose Extravagance

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Handmade adjustable  stoned ring

Unique piece (in case this item is sold you can order a similar one made specially for you)

Material: German Silver

Long: 3,5m

Height: 1,5cm

Width: 2,7cm

Stone & Findings: Chalcedony Rose 

              "Communication, Self-Confidence, Joy"

When you wear this stone, you will realize changes in your behavior and attitude, which will be sophisticated to others than before.
Chalcedony Rose will must all the energies and make you balanced in emotions, your effectiveness, and courage. It will help you remove negative thinking and emotional disturbances for which you are not responsible. It will keep you away from the influence of negative forces.
It will polish your character and enhances your communication skills.
You will feel cheerful with whatsoever you are in.
It brings you to be more enthusiastic in building relationships. You will be interested in boosting the existing ties and establishing the new ones.
The best weapon when you’re run down psychologically and bring the right balance in your personality. Chalcedony Rose will make you a person shining for your great character with a tremendous amount of moral courage that can confront any situation in your professional as well as daily life.




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